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Daily Assignments

For the week of:


March 19, 2018



  • §Spelling ABC Order
  • §Math Worksheet(s)
  • §Read for at least 20 minutes


  • §Scholastic News due Thurs.
  • §Math Worksheet(s)
  • §Read for at least 20 minutes


  • §Scholastic News due Thurs.
  • §Math Module 5 End of Module Test tomorrow
  • §Read for at least 20 minutes


  • §Spelling Practice Test
  • §Math Worksheet(s)
  • §Read for at least 20 minutes


*Spelling Bee Round 1 Written Test was today, Monday 3/19.

Those with 100% will advance to Round 2.

*Spelling Bee Round 2: Classroom Oral Spelling Bee will be held Wed. 4/4. Please use the internet to find 2nd, 3rd, even 4th grade (yes!) lists to get ready for Round 2.


  • Please join us this Wednesday 3/21 6:00-7:00pm and celebrate your child’s achievements thus far in the school year. There will be a food truck starting at 4:30pm and the computer lab will be open at 5::00 pm for parents to register your child on the LAUSD Parent Portal.

Biography Book Report & Wax Museum

Our next book report will be on a famous person. During Spring Break please go to the Public Library and look through your choices. The book should include birth, childhood, adulthood, achievements, and death (or current status) of the person. Make sure it is your child’s reading level.

Keep in mind that the students will need to dress up as that person for the final presentation (Wax Museum) at the end of April. Think about how your child would prepare for the clothing & props (at home), and that may decide on what book they would select, as well.

Upon our return from Spring Break, the students will be asked to bring in TWO DIFFERENT choice of people/books by Friday 4/6 and get it checked. We do not want any duplicates so, the students are asked to bring in two choices. One will be selected!

Upcoming Dates

Mon. 3/19 Spelling BEE Round 1: Written Test

M 3/19- 3/22 Welby Way Scholastic Book Fair

W. 3/21 Minimum Day 12:30 Dismissal

Open House

4:30pm Food Truck

5-6pm Computer Lab

6-7pm Classrooms

M. 3/26 – M. 4/2 Spring Break & Cesar Chavez Day – No School

Tues. 4/3 School Resumes

Wed. 4/4 Spelling BEE Round 2: Classroom Oral Competition

Fri. 4/6 Bring TWO Biography Books for our next Book Report.

One will be selected together with Mrs. Shin. 

  • AR Club Members
  • §Bronze (15 pts) – Kate, Gabby, Ava, Milan, Aleeza, Sofie, Ari, Janya, Sawyer
  • §Silver (30 pts) - Bodhi
  • §Gold (40 pts) – Om, Vedansh, Rivith
  • §Platinum (60 pts) – Noah
  • §Diamond (100 pts) – Ethan, Violet

Others are really close in joining a Club. Keep on reading!!!!

  • tenmarks.com  - Online math program. Practice skills that follow our Eureka Math lessons in class. 
  • ZEARN.ORG – Another fabulous online math program. This particular program mirrors the lessons we do in Eureka Math. It has Sprint practice as well as lesson reviews with video clips. The children are enjoying this website and are eager to do well!

  • Newsela - Practice reading non-fiction articles that are real life events and of high interest.
  • ARThe Race is on for the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Club! If you’d like to see how your child has done on each story quiz, go to


  • Typing Tutor– The children have been given a password (PINK/BEE) to log on to the Computer Wise Kids Portal. On there, they have access to a fun Typing Program. Please encourage them to practice using all TEN FINGERS using the Home Row keys.

Scholastic Online Book OrderI will be submitting an order to Scholastic on the 1st and 15th of every month. Even if you don’t get a paper catalog, feel free to look online and place an order. Please use the Class Code: 1D7PB

Rm 12 Schedule Reminder

Tues – PE (Wear appropriate shoes and clothing)

Wed – Psychomotor (Wear appropriate shoes and clothing), Music,

NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS every Wednesday for Psychomotor

Please come join the 2nd Graders 8:00-9:10am on Wednesdays!

Thur- Computer Lab, Library

Fri – Square Dancing (twice/month)


  • AR Challenge

Bronze (15 pts) - HW Pass

Silver (30 pts) - Free Time Pass

Gold (40 pts) - Special Treat

Platinum (60 pts)- Eat Lunch with Teacher

Diamond (100 pts) - Popsicle Party




 Other:All BTSN Forms are due Tues. 9/4, Emer.Kits due Wed. 9/5, AGC Donations, $20 Supplies Donations   to , I