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August 15, 2017

Dear Room 12 Parents,

Welcome! I hope everyone had a pleasant summer and you are ready for a great year together. Let me begin by expressing how excited I am that we will be working together as part of Welby Way’s learning community. It was great meeting many of you at the picnic, and I look forward to meeting the rest of you soon. Thank you for expressing your support. I am encouraged and energized by your enthusiasm!

During Back to School Night (Tues. 8/22), we will discuss the second grade curriculum as well as my approach and philosophy of education. For now, please read the following information that will help your child throughout the year:

1.Homework Policy: As part of Welby Way’s homework policy, assignments are always due the following day unless otherwise noted on the homework guide. For every homework assignment missing or incomplete, the student receives a HAM (Homework Assignment Missing). The missing or incomplete assignment is expected to be made up and returned the next day. For every three HAMs, the corresponding grade on your report card will be dropped. With a strong home and school connection, I do not foresee HAMs to be an issue this year. You will receive a Homework Guide every Monday to keep you informed of the assignments and due dates.

Please check your child’s homework folder every night to make sure that the assignments are complete and reflect his/her best work. Setting high expectations for neatness and quality will help your child’s study skills and sense of responsibility. Homework is for practice and should reflect the child’s independent work.

2.Home Reading: Welby Way is committed to every child’s success. Studies have shown that reading is a key component to academic success, enriching a child’s vocabulary and comprehension skills. Every child is encouraged to read nightly for at least 20 minutes. With our Accelerated Reader program, many will be motivated to read and expand their imagination! Reading together (to your child, aloud by your child or silently together) is a great way to make this time enjoyable to your child.

3.Parent Volunteers: Every year, I am blessed with extremely generous parents who assist me in the classroom. Parents are needed to prepare materials for upcoming projects, cut/paste, assemble packets, and complete many other clerical jobs. In addition to my classroom volunteers, a Room Mom is needed. A Room Mom’s responsibilities include arranging class parties and disseminating information (mostly via email) from school. There will be a mandatory meeting for Room Moms in the beginning of the school year (I will let you know the date soon). If you are interested in serving as a Room Mom and/or assisting in the classroom, please sign the Parent Volunteer Sheet that will be sent home with your child this week. I will set up a schedule and confirm the days/times with you.

4.School Supplies: The teachers at Welby Way believe that good organizational skills are key to a child’s success. To teach such skills, we purchased some materials: pencil boxes, markers, color pencils, erasers, folders, notebooks, special art supplies, etc. We want to make sure the children have all the necessary things for an enriching education. We have bought in bulk and looked for sales to purchase the most for your money. A donation of $25 from each child to help fray the cost of the supplies is most appreciated. Please send a check made out to POWW to the office. The children will only need to bring a simple backpack from home. Any special supplies you have purchased for your child will make a great addition to your child’s study area at home. Thank you.

5.Book Reports, Research Reports, Ongoing Projects: Students will be given long-term projects throughout the year to be completed at school. Projects allow students to study a subject in depth as well as learn time management and organizational skills. Books for book reports are read at home, but the reports will be completed in class. We will discuss more in the weeks to come.

Homework Assignments for this week (8/15-8/18)

Homework for parents: Write a note/letter about your child. Tell me what you want me to know about your child and share any insights that may help me in understanding your child. Don't worry too much about the format, anything that you can tell me I would greatly appreciate it!

Due- next Friday (8/25).

Tuesday (8/15) Due Tomorrow

  1. Complete “My First Day as a Second Grader” writing paper. Draw a picture and color it!
  2. Bring a shoebox to school for a project by next Thursday, 8/24. *Don’t forget to read daily. What books are you reading?

Wednesday (8/16) Due Tomorrow

  1. Complete your “Apple” paper. Color in red, yellow, or green, glue on your photo, cut out your apple, and bring it to school tomorrow.
  2. Bring a shoebox to school for a project by next Thursday, 8/24. *Don’t forget to read daily. What books are you reading?

Thursday (8/17) Due Tomorrow

  1. Writing – Complete your “Dear Teacher” writing paper. We will use this as a rough draft to revise and write a final draft at school.
  2. Complete the information sheet.
  3. Bring a shoebox to school for a project by next Thursday, 8/24. *Don’t forget to read daily. What books are you reading?

See you all next week at Back to School Night. Tues. 8/22 @ 5:30pm


  • ZEARN.ORG – Another fabulous online math program. This particular program mirrors the lessons we do in Eureka Math. It has Sprint practice as well as lesson reviews with video clips. The children are enjoying this website and are eager to do well!

  • Newsela - Practice reading non-fiction articles that are real life events and of high interest.
  • ARThe Race is on for the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Club! If you’d like to see how your child has done on each story quiz, go to


  • Typing Tutor– The children have been given a password (PINK/BEE) to log on to the Computer Wise Kids Portal. On there, they have access to a fun Typing Program. Please encourage them to practice using all TEN FINGERS using the Home Row keys.

Scholastic Online Book OrderI will be submitting an order to Scholastic on the 1st and 15th of every month. Even if you don’t get a paper catalog, feel free to look online and place an order. Please use the Class Code: 1D7P

Rm 12 Schedule Reminder

Mon- Computer Lab

Tues – PE (Wear appropriate shoes and clothing)

Wed – Psychomotor (Wear appropriate shoes and clothing)

Fri – Library, Music, Square Dancing(twice/month)


  • AR Challenge

Bronze (15 pts) - HW Pass

Silver (30 pts) - Free Time Pass

Gold (40 pts) - Special Treat

Platinum (60 pts)- Eat Lunch with Teacher

Diamond (100 pts) - Popsicle Party




 Other:All BTSN Forms are due Tues. 9/4, Emer.Kits due Wed. 9/5, AGC Donations, $20 Supplies Donations   to , I